Dr Jeffrey Dawes

Dr Jeffrey Dawes has occupied increasingly senior positions with several companies during his career. These positions have culminated in his appointment as President and CEO of Komatsu Latin America where he is responsible for the Komatsu owned distributors in Latin America, as well as the Komatsu regional entity.

Dawes is committed to improving the lives of those in communities where Komatsu operates, and his innovative approach to corporate philanthropy is a leading example of corporate social responsibility.

He believes that companies cannot fully succeed in societies that are failing, and that whilst corporate participation in social programs may not necessarily have measureable returns, it does generate positive impact within a company through identity, cohesion and morale, and establishes a functional society in which the company can fully operate.

Through his establishment of a corporate social responsibility program at Komatsu, employees are involved in volunteer programs during working hours in the areas of community and social justice, and environmental protection.

Dawes proactively seeks to ensure that his focus lies beyond the company’s financial success, and is committed to contributing to the wider South American society and to the vital role that corporations play in the development of society.


Vice-Chancellor's Alumni Excellence Award


PhD in Mining Minerals & Materials Engineering