Michael Aird

Michael Aird has established an impressive career, including an outstanding contribution to Australian Indigenous communities through research of Aboriginal history, publishing, curation of photographic exhibitions and contributions to public debate.

His establishment of Keeaira Press in 1996 marked an achievement that resulted in over 30 publications presenting the rich cultural history of Indigenous Australians. These books, from a wide range of authors, have contributed substantially to reconciliation through readers developing an understanding of the life experiences of Indigenous people.

Aird has curated over 20 museum and gallery exhibitions, as well as a number of photographic displays examining aspects of Indigenous presence and experience in Australian society. The settings for his exhibitions have included public museums, cultural festivals, university and regional galleries and cultural centres in Indigenous communities.

His appointments to roles advising government, educational and creative industries, together with many presentations and addresses given in Australia and other countries, have provided a vehicle for his significant impacts concerning Indigenous issues.


Indigenous Community Impact Award


Bachelor of Arts