Dr Xiong Weiping

13 December 2010

Award of Doctor of Engineering honoris causa
Dr Xiong Weiping


Dr Xiong Weiping is Chairman and General Manager of the Aluminium Corporation of China (CHINALCO), China's largest metals/mining corporation, and is also Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of its subsidiary, Aluminium Corporation of China Limited (CHALCO). CHALCO plays a significant role in the Queensland bauxite industry.

Dr Xiong is a distinguished minerals engineer and economist. He has a PhD from Central South University in minerals engineering, and also studied economics, focusing on financial engineering, at Beijing University. He has published four books and more than 40 academic papers in these combined fields.

He is Deputy President of the China Nonferrous Metal Industries Group Commission, Deputy Chairman of the International Aluminium Institute, and President of the China Association of Resource Comprehensive Utilisation.

Before joining CHINALCO, Dr Xiong was Executive Vice-President of Central South University and Dean of the School of Management at that University. He has a high reputation and influence in the business school and university sectors of China. Dr Xiong has won a China national science and technology progress award, with the distinguished title of "Middle-aged and Young Experts with Outstanding Contribution to the Nation".

CHINALCO aims to become the world's leading international poly-metallic mining company and to participate actively in economic and resources globalisation. It works towards global economic development and seeks to service the countries and communities in which it invests.

Dr Xiong’s business philosophy is: "While a company tries to achieve the maximisation of profit and shareholder value, the company needs to increase its focus on environmental protection and active social responsibility; outstanding corporate citizenship in the community and enterprise; implementing harmonious developments between the company, community and natural environment". Dr Xiong's strong interests in environmental protection and social responsibility align well with the activities of UQ's Sustainable Minerals Institute and the Global Change Institute.

Dr Xiong has had an outstanding career in both academe and industry. His nomination for an Honorary Doctorate recognises his academic achievements in minerals engineering and economics and his contributions to the development of the global minerals industry and in China particularly.

Chancellor, in recognition of his distinguished career and service to the Commonwealth of Australia, I present to you Dr Xiong Weiping (PhD from Central South University in the field of minerals engineering) for the award of Doctor of Engineering honoris causa bestowed by the Senate of The University of Queensland.


Doctor of Engineering honoris causa