John Ward

John is a Junior Doctor working at Logan Hospital with a strong interest in emergency, acute and trauma medicine. Outside his work as a doctor he is the current Vice President of the Logan Hospital Doctors’ Society and sits on of the Australian Medical Association Queensland’s (AMAQ) Council of Doctors in Training as their Membership & Events Portfolio Lead, and Avant Doctors in Training Advisory Council.

John graduated from The University of Queensland in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science (Chemistry & Biomedical Science) before then moving on to complete a Doctor of Medicine and Graduate Certificate in Business Leadership (Medical Leadership) in 2019, also at UQ. During his time at the University, John was on the Executive Committee of the Australian Medical Student Journal (AMSJ), and University of Queensland Medical Society (UQMS), whilst also volunteering as Treasurer of the Ashintosh Foundation.

In his spare time, John volunteers for Team Medical Australia (a not-for-profit volunteer organisation that provides medical services to motorsport competitors) where he combines his passion for racing and medicine. He is also partial to social rugby, touch football, and rocket league (currently Gold II Division III, for those fans out there).


Bachelor of Science (Chemistry and Biomedical Science)
Graduate Certificate of Business Leadership (Medical Leadership)
Doctor of Medicine