Dr Eric Partridge

Dr Eric Partridge was an English scholar, writer and lexicographer who wrote, compiled or edited more than 70 works in his lifetime. He was awarded a Doctor of Letters honoris causa by the University in 1964.

Born in the Waimata Valley in New Zealand in 1894, Dr Partridge relocated to Australia with his family in 1907. He attended Toowoomba Grammar School and began studying at UQ while also working as a school teacher.

His studies were interrupted in 1915 by World War I, in which he served in Gallipoli and France, and was wounded in the battle of Pozières. After returning to Australia, he completed his studies in French and English. Dr Partridge was awarded the University’s travel scholarship, which he used to study at Oxford.

Dr Partridge’s career saw him work as an academic in Manchester and London, before launching his own publishing house in 1927: Scholartis Press. He also wrote a number of works – etymology and language reference guides as well as at least one novel and a collection short stories. His most well-known book: A Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English was originally published in 1937, with the eighth edition published posthumously in 1984.

Dr Partridge passed away in 1979.


Doctor of Letters honoris causa


Bachelor of Arts
Master of Arts