Lewis Edwards

Award of Doctor of Philosophy honoris causa
Lewis David Edwards

Mr Chancellor,

It has pleased the Senate to authorise the admission of Lewis David Edwards, Master of Arts of this University, on this occasion to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, honoris causa, for his long and worthy service to The University of Queensland.

Mr Edwards has given service as Teacher, Lecturer, Professor, Organiser, Administrator, Director, Leader, and Ambassador of Education for Australia. Today, in years of occupancy of the office, Mr Edwards is the senior of the Directors-General of Education in Australia and none is held in higher repute. To the University itself, Mr Edwards has rendered signal service; he has been a useful member of the Senate.

Mr Edwards is the first Director-General of Education under the University Co-ordination Act; he has assisted materially in the co-ordination of pre-University and University education, and has done much to ensure the smooth working of the Co-ordination Act.

It is felt that by conferring a doctorate upon Mr Edwards and he is entirely worthy - the Senate is honoring also, not only the Department of Education, but the whole of the Teaching Services for those services, both governmental and non-governmental, which are now linked with the University through the Co-ordination Act and its operative sections.

Mr Chancellor, I present to you Lewis David Edwards for admission to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, honoris causa, in The University of Queensland, and I certify to you and to the whole University that he has been found worthy of that honour.

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Doctor of Philosophy honoris causa