Daniel Kelly AM

Daniel Kelly AM began his career in farming in Ayr, Queensland before moving to Southern Sudan in 1983 amidst the threat of civil war to help establish an agricultural program.

Following this, he began work in humanitarian aid organisations, and settled at World Vision in 1995 where he remained until 2017 when he stepped down from his senior role as Partnership Leader/Vice President – Humanitarian and Emergency Affairs, World Vision International (WVI). He continues to mentor future leaders of WVI. 

Mr Kelly managed the WVI humanitarian and emergency responses to 40 major emergencies in 16 years, including devastating droughts across African nations, to Hurricane Katrina in the US, to Ebola and Zika viruses worldwide. Through this time, he also addressed the UN World Humanitarian Summit and World Bank and advised the Australian government on disaster preparedness.

Mr Kelly acknowledges the foundation of his ‘rural technology’ training from UQ in his success establishing functional refugee camps without prior experience, as the principles associated with waste management, disease control and nutrition management in intensive animal production systems were transferrable to his international aid work.

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Gatton Gold Medal


Diploma in Applied Science
Bachelor of Applied Science