Emeritus Professor Fred D’Agostino


Emeritus Professor Fred D’Agostino is recognised as one of the most exceptional and respected academic leaders at The University of Queensland. Across almost 20 years, he has contributed generously to the UQ community as an exemplary scholar, leader, teacher and colleague to many.  

Emeritus Professor D’Agostino graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from Amherst College in 1968, with a Master of Arts (Anthropology) from Princeton University in 1973, and with a Doctor of Philosophy from the London School of Economics and Political Science in 1978. 

Emeritus Professor D’Agostino began his career as a Research Fellow in Philosophy at the Australian National University, followed by 20 years at the University of New England, where he held various roles including Associate Professor of Philosophy, Associate Dean of Arts, Head of the School of Social Sciences and Member of the University Council. 

In 2004, Emeritus Professor D’Agostino commenced his distinguished career at The University of Queensland. He has previously served as a Member of the University Senate; as Executive Dean of Arts; Associate Dean (Academic) of the Faculty of Arts; President of the Academic Board; a member of the Campaign Board for the University’s first comprehensive philanthropic campaign; and Director of the Bachelor of Contemporary Studies at the former Ipswich campus. 

Following his retirement in 2018, he now serves as Emeritus Professor of at UQ, on the Council of the Women’s College and Chair of the Advisory Committee for the University’s Young Achievers Program. He was elected as a Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities in 2005 in recognition of his work in political philosophy and epistemology and as a Council member in 2022. 

Throughout his service at UQ, Emeritus Professor D’Agostino has contributed richly to intellectual life and culture on campus, both in his capacity as a scholar and across his numerous leadership positions. He continues to be a strong advocate and supporter of efforts that help ensure access to education and is held in the highest regard by all those who know him. He is undoubtedly the embodiment of the University’s vision of knowledge leadership for a better world. 

Chancellor, I present to you Emeritus Professor Fred D’Agostino, Bachelor of Arts (Honours) of Amherst College, Master of Arts of Princeton University, Doctor of Philosophy of the London School of Economics and Political Science, Fellow of the Academy of the Humanities, for the inaugural R.H. Roe Award, bestowed by the Senate of The University of Queensland. 





R.H. Roe Award