Dr Jackie Campbell

Dr Jackie Campbell graduated from The University of Queensland veterinary science programme in 2006, and in 2014 founded Sunset Home Veterinary Care - one of Australia’s first mobile palliative care services, delivering individualised home based veterinary care to families with pets approaching end of life.

After graduating, Campbell worked in clinical roles throughout Queensland and began to recognise that there was room for a new approach to end of life care within the veterinary industry. Taking her cue from how doctors deliver palliative care services in human health, she formulated a practice that revolved around supporting families to make better, more informed decisions for their pet during the last few months of life.

Whilst palliative care is a relatively new field of veterinary health in Australia, the ongoing work of pioneering vets like Dr Campbell is slowly changing this.

Campbell also works in a voluntary capacity as the clinical coordinator for Brisbane’s Pets in the Park, a charity that supports, builds relationships with and improves the well-being of homeless people living with animal companions in our communities. 


Distinguished Young Alumni Award


Bachelor of Veterinary Science