Professor Tadimety Chakrapani Rao (T. C.)

Professor T. C. Rao is a prominent figure in the field of mineral engineering, recognised for his technical expertise, innovation and contributions to education, research and development.

T. C. Rao was the first international PhD student of mining engineering at The University of Queensland. The technical modelling work he developed as part of his PhD is still used globally in academia and industry today.

He has been instrumental in developing innovations in mineral processing over several decades benefitting the mining industry and he has also played a leading advisory role with the Indian government and mining companies.

Described as ‘the Father of Indian Mineral Processing’, T. C. Rao has published over 225 research papers in international and national journals and is seen as a key figure in nurturing young talent, including establishing a four-year graduate programme (B.Tech.) in Mineral Engineering at the Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad - the only one of its kind in India.

In addition to mineral and materials engineering, T.C. Rao has also nurtured the research and development activities in the areas of rural development, environment, energy and agriculture.  He has worked to improve lives through the application of these advances in technology to rural development, employment generation and uplift of economically weaker sections of society, such as tribal and rural communities and women.


International Alumnus of the Year


Doctor of Philosophy (Mineral Engineering)