Dr Heather Smith PSM

Dr Heather Smith was a resident at Emmanuel College from 1984 to 1986 whilst studying for a Bachelor of Economics.

She was appointed Secretary of the Department of Communications and the Arts in January 2016, and over the course of her career has held high-level positions as Deputy Secretary in the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade; in the Office of National Assessments and the Australian Treasury.

Smith was awarded a Public Service Medal in the Queen's Birthday 2015 Honours for her outstanding public service as Australia's Sherpa, the personal representative of the head of government during the year leading up to the G20 summit in Brisbane in late 2014.

As a graduate of the University of Queensland, Smith has offered her help as a mentor to Emmanuel College students, and her generosity with her time, talent, and networks will be an invaluable addition to the education of students.

Smith’s career has been full of major accomplishments both on the national and international stage, and she continues to serve as inspiration to Emmanuel students and alumni through her contributions to both the college and the wider community.


Colleges' UQ Alumni Award


Bachelor of Economics