Tim Neale

Mr Tim Neale is the co-founder of DataFarming, servicing over 35,000 farms across 50 countries with satellite imagery every 5 days.

Mr Neale has transformed the traditional high value, high cost agricultural consultancy business model into a mass market, low price digital platform that growers, agronomists and allied industry personnel can easily access, use and interpret.

He has had a global impact on the use and development of, and investment in, digital technology for the sustainability of agricultural production.

Mr Neale is considered a thought leader in the agricultural technology space, and has received several awards for his work, including Rural Consultant of the Year by Kondinin Group and ABC Rural, Innovation and Technology Award by Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce, and Queensland ICT Entrepreneur of the Year by Pearcey Foundation. The business was also recently awarded Australia’s Best AgriTech 2023.

What’s a surprising or fun fact people wouldn’t know about you?

“I worked for 12 years in Queensland fire and rescue as an auxiliary fire fighter. This is an on-call role performed by thousands of people across Queensland in towns where no permanent fire fighters exist.”

Looking back to the day you first set foot on campus, is there any advice you would give that person now?

“Where you end up personally and professionally is only limited by your imagination. Have confidence in yourself; it doesn’t really matter where you have come from.”


Gatton Gold Medal
Gatton Gold Medal for leadership in agricultural technology and significant impact on sustainable agricultural production.
Tim Neale


Bachelor of Applied Science (Hons)