Dr Retnagowri Rajandram

“As technology changes and evolves we need to adapt, we cannot risk getting stuck working in old ways - research and cross-discipline collaboration can help us in this journey forward.”

Dr Retnagowri Rajandram is an exceptional researcher and academic who is pioneering collaborative approaches between surgeons and researchers to excel patient outcomes.

Rajandram graduated from UQ with a PhD in Medicine in 2009 at the age of just 25. Upon completing her degree she returned to her home in Malaysia and joined the country’s top University, The University of Malaya, where she established a molecular and cellular laboratory under the Department of Surgery.

Rajandram is establishing herself as a global leader in kidney disease research through her collaborative approaches to research which bridge disciplines, professions and institutes. She was the first academic and non-clinician to join a team of surgeons in a project which has just celebrated five successful years.

Since joining The University of Malaya, Rajandram has been promoted to the position of senior lecturer, an incredible feat for someone so young, and has inspired countless students to realise their passion in medical research.

Rajandram is an advocate for health awareness and screening projects in her home country, such as the Klang Valley Prostate Awareness campaign and the Prostate Cancer Survivor Forum and she promotes universal access to health information.  Her involvement with community health initiatives goes right down to the grassroots-level with her participation in the Zombie Haemophiliac and the BlueCap Movement fun runs.


Distinguished Young Alumni Award
Image of Dr Retnagowri Rajandram


Bachelor of Science (First Class Honours)
Doctor of Philosophy (Medical Science)