Mr Sandeep Biswas

"As leaders we can make far better decisions and deliver superior results by bringing together different perspectives to drive our thinking and approach - whether that difference comes from our cultural backgrounds, gender diversity, our experience, or which generation we are from." 

Sandeep Biswas is CEO and Managing Director of Newcrest Mining Limited – one of the world’s largest gold mining companies. His mandate at Newcrest is to maintain safe and stable operations, running existing operations to their full potential, while profitably growing the company.

After graduating from The University of Queensland (UQ) specialising in chemical engineering, he began his career at Mt Isa Mines, working in both Australia and Europe. Later, he worked for Western Mining in Australia and Rio Tinto in Canada and Australia, extending his experience across commodities including aluminium, copper, lead, zinc and nickel.

Biswas’ experience in research, operations, business development and projects has led him to make positive changes to the performance of complex processing plants. As CEO of Pacific Aluminium, his expertise and knowledge expanded to incorporate bauxite, alumina refining and smelting operations across Australia and New Zealand.

A proponent for big data, he believes that data science can greatly accelerate mining operations, and his work at Newcrest Mining Limited has highlighted the benefits of data analytics in the resources industry.

Born in West Bengal, India, his experience as a member of a minority group has helped him influence the cultural diversity direction of Newcrest Mining Limited. Under his leadership, the company has increased the number of locals working in senior roles in its Papua New Guinean and Indonesian mines, while also increasing the number of female managers.

Biswas represents the exploration, mining and minerals processing industry both nationally and internationally and is a Director of the Minerals Council of Australia.


Vice-Chancellor's Alumni Excellence Award
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Bachelor of Engineering