Jason Lejcak

"I always feared that I’d become complacent with my studies, but I guess that fear of complacency actually drove me to keep studying, because I thought: if I don’t put in the work, I’m not going to get the outcome."

Jason Lejcak recently graduated from a Bachelor of Economics with a GPA of 7, Honours Class I, and the University Medal (2018) as Class Valedictorian and member of the Dean’s Honour Roll.

Lejcak was the first in his family to attend university, and was awarded 7 scholarships over the course of his studies for his outstanding academic achievement. 

During his time at the University, Lejcak became a peer mentor in Peer-Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) and later an academic tutor. He also participated in several competitions, including the Citi Global Markets Challenge and the CFA Institute Research Challenge in 2017, where his team was the National Champion and a National Finalist respectively. During his winter and summer breaks in 2016 and 2017, Lejcak completed internships at the Queensland Investment Corporation.

Lejcak was also awarded the Winter Research Program Scholarship in 2017, and alongside Professor Alicia Rambaldi, is producing a paper on how house prices are influenced by land regulation in the Melbourne housing market.

He has now been accepted into a graduate role at Citigroup as an analyst in markets and securities services.


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Bachelor of Economics