Professor Phillippa Diedrichs

“Eight out of 10 girls around the world opt out of important life activities, like putting their hand up in the classroom and going to the doctor, because they’re ashamed of their bodies and how they look. Appearance concerns, stereotypes and pressures are holding back the next generation of women. We have innovative technologies, policies and educational tools to disrupt this trend if we work together in partnership.”

Professor Phillippa Diedrichs is a key advocate for body image positivity and an exceptional academic scholar in the field of health psychology.

Professor Diedrichs’ work challenges cultural norms and systems to create a world in which people are not judged or limited by concerns, pressures and stereotypes about their appearance. To foster societal changes, Professor Diedrichs has developed cross-sector collaborations with industry and non-profit partners, and governments to achieve significant shifts in advertising, social media, education curricula, and government policy to create a more body-positive environment for young people.

The evidence-based programs that she has co-created to improve body image and mental health have been delivered across 6 continents to over 30 million young people in partnership with global youth organisations and businesses, including Unilever and UNICEF. Two notable examples are the long-standing academic partnership she founded with the Dove Self-Esteem Project, and her work to co-develop the first evidence-based Girl Guides and Girl Scouts global badge programme, Free Being Me, now implemented in 136 countries.

Professor Diedrichs holds a number of influential roles with UK government bodies. She has been appointed by the Mayor of London to serve on Transport for London's Advertising Steering Group, providing advice and guidance on implementing its advertising policy. She has also served on the British Government's body confidence campaign advisory group, providing counsel on the prevalence, nature, and consequences of body image concerns among the British public.

Through her extensive advocacy work and research, Professor Diedrichs has received many accolades and she has strong academic record which is evidenced by her promotion to Professor within seven years of completing her university education.


Vice-Chancellor's Alumni Excellence Award
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Doctor of Philosophy
Bachelor of Science (Hons)