UQ Future Leaders critical thinking webinar

Following the UQ Future Leaders webinar with the 'critical thinking' expert, Dr Peter Ellerton, we have put together some quick takeaways to help you to think more critically. 

Key Takeaways:

1. “Just because you’re thinking about an issue, doesn’t mean you’re doing it well.”

Peter explained critical thought is not just thinking hard about something, or within a specific discipline, but being aware of how we’re actually going about thinking.

2. “Make the quality of your thinking the subject of your study.”

Peter gives us eight indicators of critical thinking matrix. Clarity, Accuracy, Precision, Relevance, Significance, Depth, Breadth and Coherence (Logic). 

3. “Considering value helps you develop the framework for evaluation.”

Ask yourself, what do you value about this topic? What makes it worth your time and consideration?

In our fast-paced, content-driven world, we could all use a lesson on this subject to ensure we’re active, instead of passive learners throughout our lives. Dr Ellerton’s advice is especially topical as we tackle misinformation surrounding issues like climate change and coronavirus, so we hope you found this discussion to be valuable. 

Watch the webinar