Webinar: 'Starting a side hustle' UQ Young Alumni workshop

Are you looking for more meaningful work? Want to monetise a passion project? Or simply curious about starting your own business? 

Featuring three entrepreneurial panellists, Josh Case, Holly Hunt and Pablo Farias Navarro, the 'starting a side hustle' workshop will help you to gain the motivation, inspiration and confidence to bring your ideas to life.

  • Practical ways to start your venture or side hustle
  • How to validate market demand for your product or service
  • Problem-solving tactics for the most common obstacles 


Josh Case (Bachelor of Science '15, Doctor of Medicine '19)

Josh is a Junior Doctor at Toowoomba Base Hospital and a freelance Software Developer passionate about innovation, automation, medtech and global health. He is the author of "Code Blue: An Introduction to Programming for Doctors and Medical Students".

Holly Hunt (Bachelor of Business Management '10)

Holly is a founder and CEO of Hunt & Co, a digital boutique recruitment agency run by business and digital specialists who care about creating meaningful, long-term impact in the industry.  Holly was the recipient of the UQ Distinguished Young Alumni Award 2020. 

Pablo Farias Navarro (Master of Information Technology '11)

Pablo is a founder of Zenva, an online academy that has helped over 1 million learners succeed in their coding careers and hobbies. His work in education has received recognition and support from companies such as Intel, Facebook (Oculus) and Unity Technologies.