Welcoming new graduates

Returning home and embarking on a new path can be an exciting and anxious time for new graduates as they navigate their new path. What better way to welcome new alumni in the fold than to give them a warm welcome back to country. It is also a wonderful way to recruit new alumni in to your alumni groups.

Here are a few steps you can take to welcome them home:

  • Choose a location and make sure you select a date that most of the new graduates will be back in the country.  This would generally be around late August for the mid-year graduands, and late January for the end of year graduands. 
  • There are a number of way you might like to welcome home new graduates:      
    • An informal networking gathering
    • Invite an inspiring alumnus to speak to the new grads about their experiences returning home
    • A panel style event featuring a new graduate
    • Speed mentoring – 5-10 mins alumni to graduate
  • Reach out to the Alumni Relations and Engagement office to find out how many new graduates will be returning home.  Also invite alumni to attend the event to welcome the new graduates in to the alumni community.
  • With the assistance from the Alumni Relations and Engagement office, create an invitation and registration link so you have an idea of who will attend.  This is also a great way to gather information on new graduates and have industry human resource representation.
  • If the event is a more formal occasion, you may like to refer to the ‘How to host an event’ (LINK) tools on the (WEBLINK) page.
  • Host the event!
  • Collate attendee details and send to the Alumni Relations and Engagement office. 
  • Don’t forget to invite new graduates to join your social media pages, and get involved with the alumni community.
  • Stay in touch

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