Host an event

In this section we have outlined all the elements you will need to consider when holding an event in your city.  To successfully deliver an event, you will firstly need to consider key elements of the event, and also assess if the event will appeal to a broad UQ alumni audience.  

Don’t forget to enlist the help of other alumni in your area to share ideas and lighten the load.  Please also reach out to the UQ Alumni Relations and Engagement Office or to your country representative for advice and guidance.  

Before considering holding an event you should be clear on:

  • The purpose and type of event (speaker event, round-table discussion, networking event, mentoring event, welcome back to country event). 
  • The goal of the event.
  • The audience you wish to attract and potential number of attendees.
  • Date and timing of the event.
  • Location and accessibility.
  • Decide if the event will require catering.
  • Appoint a lead organiser, and enlist some volunteers to assist.
  • Arrange a speaker, facilitator and host (if applicable).
  • Will there be a ticket price?
  • AV requirements needed.

Suggested timeline 3 – 6 months before event

  • Draft a list of the tasks to be completed, and assign these to volunteers.
  • Prepare a budget (if applicable).
  • Research venues taking in to consideration, location, accessibility, parking  and public transport.
  • Contact the Alumni Relations and Engagement Office to confirm the date.
  • Agree a suitable venue and date (be aware of minimum spends at venues).
  • Develop the timings for the event.
  • Confirm speakers, facilitator and host (if applicable).
  • Speak with Alumni Relations and Engagement Office regarding an industry partners.
  • Decide on a cost per person.
  • Confirm the venue.
  • Collate invitation list and send out ‘save the date’ via email or social media.

2 – 3 months before event

  • Speak with the Alumni Relations and Engagement Office and decide how your event will be promoted.
  • Collate invitation list, including VIP’s.
  • Decide on a title and speaking points with guidance from the speakers, facilitators and host.
  • Request bios from the speakers.
  • Set up registration portal with the assistance of the Alumni Relation and Engagement office.
  • Send out invitation and monitor registrations.
  • Confirm AV requirements and appoint a technician.
  • Arrange catering, including food and drinks, taking in to consideration dietary requirements.

4 – 6 weeks before event

  • Finalise catering and AV.
  • Draft runsheet for the events and circulate for feedback.
  • Assign tasks on the day to volunteers.
  • Send a follow up invitation.

1 – 2 weeks before event

  • Send out final reminder to attendees.
  • Finalise attendees and produce name cards.
  • Create signage if applicable.
  • Notify venue and catering of final numbers and dietary requirements.
  • Print any materials needed.
  • Send final runsheet and notes to speakers, facilitator and host.

On the Day

  • Arrive early with volunteers - check room, catering and test AV. 
  • Organise registration table and name cards.
  • Greet VIPs, speakers and guests.
  • Display signage.
  • Stick to the runsheet timing.
  • Enjoy the event and network!

Post event

  • Send thank you note to speakers, facilitator and host.
  • Send follow up email to attendees along with an event survey and materials.
  • Finalise event attendees, including no-shows and send to the Alumni Relations and Engagement office.
  • Finalise budget.
  • Follow up with future events and any enquires received.

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