Host a student in your workplace

Through engaging in placements and projects with our industry and alumni partners, students have the opportunity to put their discipline-specific knowledge and skills into practice and gain valuable insight into a career within their chosen field of study.

Benefits of hosting a UQ student

By taking on UQ students on a short term basis, your organisation will:

  • Gain a fresh perspective and approach from students who have new ideas and a different outlook.
  • Raise the profile of your organisation and gain access to high-calibre students.
  • Give current employees professional development through mentoring and management, and contribute to the culture of learning within your organisation.
  • Improve the work-readiness of graduates available to your industry.
  • Establish relationships within the University which may lead to further collaborations.


If your organisation would like to host a student we would encourage you to:

  • Prepare a short position brief including the knowledge and skills the student will require to engage in this placement or project (UQ can help with this if you are not sure).
  • Consider where the student will be located - at your workplace, virtually, or a mixture of these?
  • Ensure that you have available workspace and appropriate equipment (or access to online platforms and resources if virtual).
  • Consider supervision requirements – ensuring that the student has supervision for the duration of the engagement.

Students are covered by UQ insurance for approved placement activities.

How to get started

The requirements for hosting students differ slightly depending on the field of study, and for the duration and type of engagement.  Consequently most placement and project experiences are facilitated directly by the relevant School.

If you would like to engage with students studying:

Business, Economics or Law, please contact the BEL Employability Team

Engineering, Architecture or IT, please contact the EAIT Employability team

To engage with other disciplines, multiple disciplines, or if you are not sure, email and the team will facilitate your connection to the appropriate academic unit.

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