Contact digital editions 2023


January 2023 edition: Is ChatGPT saving you time or stealing your job? Plus, would you eat a burger patty made with fly larvae? Read more here


Valentine's Day edition: From UQ to I do: university love stories. Plus, go behind the scenes of 'Better Date Than Never'. Read more here


February 2023 edition: Meet the man who conquered Antarctica on foot. Plus, did you know snakes can hear you scream? Read more here


March 2023 edition: We've got the inside scoop on Bluey. Plus is it time for daylight saving in Queensland? Read more here



April 2023 edition: Is there a right Royal re-brand about to take place? Plus, why you crave comfort foods in winter. Read more here


May 2023 edition: Should you get the flu vaccine this year? We answer all your questions. Plus, win a copy of the Stella Prize-winning book The Jaguar. Read more here


June 2023 edition: Is it possible to supercharge your immune system? Plus, have alien spacecraft really been found by the Pentagon? Read more here


3 July 2023 edition: Rates, rises, and the RBA explained. Professor Shaun Bond unpacks the role of the Reserve Bank of Australia for Contact. Read more here

20 July 2023 edition: Life in a Barbie world in 2023... Plus, Matildas take centre stage in pivotal moment for sports equality. Read more here…


July 2023 edition: Is forgetting a sign of weak memory? Plus, what homelessness really looks like – see photos from the exhibition. Read more here

August 2023 edition: Healthy eating advice that's easy to digest. Plus, Plus, your chance to win a new 8-book series from UQP. Read more here


September 2023 edition: Unpacking the Voice referendum, bracing for El Niño's summer and UQ student Pat Carrigan chasing NRL's holy grail. Read more here



October 2023 edition: Can coffee help you manage your weight? Plus, some seriously wholesome content for Grandparent's Day. Read more here


October 31 2023 special edition: Recreational fear' – why do humans love horror? Plus, win a double pass to GOMA’s Fairly Tales exhibition. Read more here


November 2023 edition: Just one won't hurt! UQ experts bust 'healthy drinking' myths. Plus, are you addicted to your phone? The latest UQ Diaries results are in! Read more here




December 2023 edition: Your summer reads sorted – win one of 2 book packs worth $230. Plus, could you reduce your grocery bills by following these simple guidelines? Read more here