UQ Mythbusters: the sobering facts about alcohol

  • The silly season is upon us, and in preparation for the celebrations to come, 'Contact' asked members of the UQ community to share their favourite festive recipes and the stories behind them.
  • Listen to the most engaging and inspiring stories from across the UQ community while you're on the go.
  • 'Contact' catches up with UQ graduate Laura Johansen from her Californian home to learn how she became the personal photographer for 'Mary Poppins' star Dick Van Dyke.
  • The UQ lecturer who grew up in a safe house for Chile's most-wanted political fugitives, and the graphic novel her life inspired.
  • UQ's vision is to become a global leader in disability inclusion. Contact spoke with Accessibility and Learning Support Assistant Manager Leonie Meyn about her job to ensure that all users – whatever their ability – can access the Library’s full range of facilities and resources.
  • UQ disability rights legal academic and 2022 Blind Australian of the Year, Associate Professor Paul Harpur, explains why universities are in a unique position to create meaningful change when it comes to disability inclusion in the workplace.
  • After decades in the Australian and international music scene, UQ student Cameron Callope is back in the spotlight as he pursues a new gig – a career in medicine.
  • After almost two years of snap lockdowns, travel bans and restricted freedoms, Australia is meeting the vaccination levels required to finally begin living with the COVID-19 virus. But now one burning question consumes people’s minds: what does ‘living with the virus’ actually mean, and just how ‘free’ will we be in the future?
  • There's a resurgence of the great Australian road trip, but it's a new generation of happy campers who are hitting the highway. Contact speaks to the UQ experts about the latest off-track travel trend.


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