Should I get a flu vaccine this year?

  • Children aged five to 12 are now eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccination. So, how can we help our children manage their anxiety about needles?
  • Twenty fours years since the release of the ever-timely book Sister Girl, its author, Dr Jackie Huggins AM FAHA, and editor, Associate Professor Sandra Phillips, reflect on identity and reconciliation ahead of the book’s relaunch this month.
  • From world news and expert opinion to feel-good community stories and alumni success, there’s plenty to gain from reading Contact’s 10 most-read stories of 2021.
  • After saving millions lives around the world from cervical cancer, the UQ inventors of the HPV vaccine are investing in the next generation of researchers to fuel future discoveries.
  • Read more books, spend less money. Exercise more often, order Uber Eats less regularly. Decrease screen time, increase family time. Whatever your New Year’s resolution is, you’re less than 8 percent likely to stick to it...
  • In this instalment of 'UQ by design', we look at some of the interesting pieces that are 'here today, gone tomorrow' – literally popping out of nowhere.
  • Each year, UQ recognises exceptional individuals in our community through Honorary Awards, including Honorary Doctorates and UQ Fellowships.
  • Occupy your curious child’s mind this summer with these easy science experiments from UQ research institutes.
  • The silly season is upon us, and in preparation for the celebrations to come, 'Contact' asked members of the UQ community to share their favourite festive recipes and the stories behind them.


  • Australian philanthropists Trevor and Judith St Baker are committed to making a difference.
  • For Syrian national and UQ student Youssef Eskifeh, engineering has been a lifelong dream. His journey hasn’t always been easy, but the support of the Trundle family – in memory of their husband and father, Roger – has helped him on his way.
  • There are 600 million reasons to be proud following the closure of UQ's first comprehensive campaign,
    Not if, When – the Campaign to Create Change.
  • During their life, Paula and Tony Kinnane were true patrons of the art – a patronage they have secured for generations to come through an $8 million bequest in 2016 supporting endowments in art and music education at UQ.
  • The Andrew N. Liveris Academy for Innovation and Leadership – made possible by a $13.5 million gift by Andrew and his wife, Paula – is poised to produce the next generation of leadership talent, with a cohort of hand-picked scholars and a curriculum that goes beyond just field-specific learning.
  • Meg Kelman and Nathan Sagigi have bright dreams for their future - for Meg, to put her love for wildlife to work after graduating from her Bachelor of Vet Technology, and for Nathan, to return to his home in the Torres Strait to translate his studies in Clinical Exercise Physiology (Honours) into ways to help his local community. Both were under stressful financial strain until they received Geoffrey Huey Sattler Indigenous Scholarships, established by an alumnus by bequest in 2019.
  • 2020 was a difficult year for many students, and Victorian Ng was no exception. But when she was considering reducing her study load to find work to support herself and her family, she received the much-needed news she had been awarded a Frank Finn Scholarship to support her in her finance studies.
  • When Ross Maclean pledged to support motor neurone disease at UQ’s Queensland Brain Institute, he knew he likely wouldn’t see the day a cure was discovered. Now, almost sixteen years after he passed away, the team is closer than ever.
  • Since 1972, almost 750 Maryborough and Wide Bay locals have made their way to study at UQ with the support of the Alfred and Olivea Wynne Memorial Scholarships.


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