Is the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting your career plans?

Is the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting your career plans? How can you remain relevant at your workplace and what skills should you focus on to adapt to the new normal? Is it the right time for a career change?

Four career experts share their thoughts on employability during COVID-19.



Top 5 tips to take away

Employability has been redefined.
The problems we now face in the workplace include how to work remotely (and effectively) with our colleagues for long periods of time. In the current climate you need to be strategic with your approach. Tap into your network and learn how to translate your transferrable skills.

The job market is increasing, but slowly.
It is a time to be cautiously optimistic. As the curve has flattened, we have seen a slight incline in job postings, but we’re not back to normal just yet. There are less job openings and for the moment it is still a competitive, employer driven market.

Use this time to invest in yourself.
This is a tough time for new graduates but there are things you can do to in the interim. Give yourself a hypothetical side project that will help you gain experience in your industry. This will show that you are motivated and self-driven.

What makes you stand out?
Work on your personal brand and spend time on the little things. Making a tailored resume and cover letter for each job is key. Don’t forget to ensure your LinkedIn profile is aligned with your resume.