The Create Change Scholarship Match completed on 31 January 2021.

Why are scholarships necessary?

For many capable and talented students, the cost of attending university prevents them from pursuing higher education. For students experiencing financial hardship, scholarships can provide a valuable lifeline.

How much do I need to donate so that my gift to a scholarship is matched?

UQ is offering to match donations over $50,000, dollar for dollar. Our goal is to increase our scholarship endowment by $30 million by 2020 to provide a lifeline to students experiencing financial hardship, year after year, generation after generation.

The Create Change Scholarship Match applies to new gifts. Gifts must meet the minimum A$50,000 limit to qualify and may be pledged over a five-year period. 

What is an endowed scholarship?

Endowments are gifts that keep giving to their designated purpose in perpetuity. This method involves steadily growing an investment fund that in turn delivers dividend payments, creating greater funding benefits over time.

What scholarships are eligible for matched funding?

Financial need or disadvantage are the primary criteria for all matched scholarships.

You could choose to donate to students in need through existing scholarships such as Aspire or the Young Achievers Program. Alternatively, you could create a new scholarship for students with Indigenous Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent, or students from regional and remote areas. You could also assist students with their accommodation costs or direct your donation to specific UQ faculties and schools.

Can I create a named scholarship?

You may choose to honour your family name, your business, a friend or a loved one. Contact us to find out more.

Can I add to my existing scholarship fund and still qualify for the Match?

Yes. Donations toward existing, qualifying scholarship funds may be matched with a minimum gift of $25,000 or more. Donors may also amend existing scholarship criteria, if required, in order to qualify for the Match when a new donation of $25,000 or more is made. Please note that only new donations are matched.

Can I add to my endowment fund at a later time after the Match?

Yes. You may add to your endowment fund at anytime once it’s established, however, it will only be eligible to be matched during the matching period.

Why is there qualifying criteria for the Match?

Through the Create Change Scholarship Match UQ wants to create lasting change that will carry through for generations. To achieve this we will use an endowment model that will provide a steady stream of revenue to help provide for disadvantaged students year after year. As only a fraction of an endowment can be drawn each year, without affecting the fund's longevity and survival, the larger the fund the more impact can be delivered. To try and provide for a substantial amount of scholarships, we have set the goal at a $30 million minimum.

We have committed on this rare occasion to matching donations over $50,000 to double the financial impact of gifts and to help us reach this ambitious goal sooner.

Can I designate my scholarship to a specific area of study?

Yes. Scholarships may be directed to a UQ faculty, school or area of study. 

Do you want to find out more?

If you have any questions, please contact Tara Turner, Director, Global and Institutional Philanthropy, The University of Queensland, email or phone +61 7 3346 3931 or mobile +61 (4) 0555 0215.

Create Change Scholarship Match