Join us for an in-depth, hands-on workshop on the diversity, biology, ecology and conservation of Australian native bees. Learn laboratory skills in native bee identification, and meet native bee researcher Dr Tobias Smith.
This professional development opportunity is open to the general public aged 15+, and will be especially useful for professionals and scientists interested in native bee science and sustainability.
Location: Goddard Building (we'll email you further information in event reminder emails) Room: Laboratory 305
Cost: $110 per person.
In-person event:
Join us in-person as we won't be holding the event online. (40 attendees max). You're also invited to stay on after the event for our free, catered evening lecture where we'll present the outcomes of our native bee citizen science project.
We'll email you further information in our event reminder emails. Please check your email address carefully before you submit your registration as this is the only way we'll communicate with you.
About Native bee workshops and lectures
Dr Tobias Smith from the School of Biological Sciences is offering a range of native bee workshops for both university students and for the wider community. In these workshops, participants are introduced to native bee taxonomy and taught the techniques involved in identifying different native bee species.
With over 1650 described bee species, the bees of Australia are more diverse than the birds and mammals combined. Through their pollination services, native bees are vital to the functioning of terrestrial ecosystems. Some native bee species also have important roles in crop pollination.
Researchers at the University of Queensland work on a number of different areas related to native bees, including bee ecology and evolution, bee behaviour, pollination of native and crop plants, honey chemistry and native bee outreach.

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