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Organisations face new challenges in an increasingly dynamic and volatile landscape, often in the form of cut-throat competition, surging costs, and tight budgets. The ever-shifting market demands require organisations across industries to adapt and reimagine their business models through innovation. This highly interactive course will set your organisation apart from competitors by equipping you with high-quality and cost-effective techniques to solve intricate challenges, seize new opportunities, and expand service offerings.
You will learn how to apply the Design Thinking methodology to address challenges your business faces through an innovative approach. This course will urge you to actively learn through practical exercises, including addressing a real-life organisational problem via a Design Lab. This proven approach for creative problem solving has been popularised by companies such as IDEO, Google, and IBM.
The course includes a one-hour individual coaching session for participants to follow-up on application of their learnings post course. You will be coached on how to manage innovative projects through design, influence a variety of stakeholders, and identify critical problems to deliver sophisticated solutions.
In this course, you will learn to:
• apply the Design Thinking methodology to solve organisational problems and improve business outcomes.
• adopt a customer-centric approach when creating solutions and services to produce value for your users and additional revenue for your organisation.
• lead innovation in your organisation through implementing agile, design-led processes.
• develop expert knowledge and techniques to plan, set up, and run a design-led project in your organisation.

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