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Learn the art of negotiation to boost your individual and organisational value. Many jobs involve forms of negotiation, where we encounter challenging situations that require persuasion but are often perceived as stressful. Whether you're making purchases, establishing partnerships or resolving differences, negotiation often involves high-stakes outcomes that require interacting with stakeholders who may have differing goals to you. This makes negotiation a fundamental and foundational skill in the workplace, essential for achieving positive and productive outcomes in all organisations. The ability to leverage negotiation skills will strengthen your management of critical projects, contracts and processes.
In this course, you will gain the tools to critically reflect on your own practice and style to refine your negotiation methods and approach. It will help you to manage the stress that often accompanies difficult negotiation situations, and understand the process of effective communication. By the end of the course, you will learn to apply the latest academic thinking, enabling you to negotiate with a more collaborative and confident approach. You will be better equipped to deal with the challenges of negotiation while meeting the needs of a diverse range of stakeholders, building sustainable relationships and delivering value for all parties involved.
During this course, you will:
• gain insight into your negotiation style
• build confidence in applying negotiation skills across various situations
• discover how to successfully navigate challenges and effectively collaborate to create valuable solutions for all parties involved
• develop skills to flexibly manage dynamics in the workplace.

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