For those aspiring to leadership positions, one of the greatest obstacles you’ll face is gaining experience to lead successfully and demonstrate your readiness for promotion. In this course, you will learn-by-doing in a series of realistic and practical leadership challenges that will help you hone key skills, self-awareness and confidence to motivate others. Working alongside fellow professionals, you will engage in activities designed to expand your capacity to lead solutions and overcome organisational problems. An expert course facilitator will support you with tools, insights and activities to refine and reflect on your own leadership practice, including three individual coaching sessions.
During this course you will:
• Gain insight into your own leadership practices and create an action plan to further develop your leadership skills.
• Understand how individual and collective motivation, competence and communication are used in effective leadership.
• Discover ways to delegate tasks, coach colleagues and manage performance to achieve organisational objectives.
A$2500. Alumni receive 20% off all short courses delivered by Executive Education

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