Join UQ Art Museum Curator Anna Briers for a free curatorial tour of "We Are Electric" followed by a 15 minute performance of Quandamooka artist Megan Cope’s sound installation "Untitled (Death Song)" (2020) by UQ School of Music. The curatorial tour will be Auslan-interpreted.
"We Are Electric" is an exhibition about energy: its bodily and planetary flows, the politics of its extraction and exchange, and its inextricable connection to human evolution and industrial expansion.
"Untitled (Death Song)" by Megan Cope is composed of found objects traditionally used in mining and extractive processes that have been reimagined as instruments. Rusted industrial drills, scaffolding, and oil drums are assembled alongside geological specimens retrieved from the Earth’s crust during prospecting for mineral and energy resources. A series of strings borrowed from orchestral instruments such as violins and cellos are tethered and strung taut across the objects, transmitting their hidden sonic potential through the energy of sound and frequency.

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