Location: UQ Brisbane City, 308 Queen Street, Brisbane QLD 4000
70 per cent of Australia’s gross domestic product (GDP) stems from services, and four out of five Australians are employed in the service sector. While services have always relied on Information Technologies (IT) to varying extents, the COVID-19 pandemic significantly increased the speed and trajectory of digital transformation in the service sector.
To remain competitive in a post-pandemic global economy, Australian service firms need to refine existing customer experiences and create service innovations, all while simultaneously managing their workforce throughout the ‘new normal’ imposed on them by COVID-19 and emerging digital technologies.
The white paper is the result of a Roundtable Summit held in 2022; an event that brought together industry representatives with academics to collaboratively identify key challenges and opportunities associated with the digital transformation of service. The white paper outlines these, and provides important recommendations for policy and practice for how to best benefit from emerging digital technologies in service settings.
You will hear from
- Professor Janet McColl-Kennedy, UQ Business School
- Associate Professor Christoph Breidbach, UQ Business School
The event will also provide the perfect opportunity to network with like-minded industry professionals over drinks and canapés.

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