Join us for 'Meet the researchers: the future of pain relief to hear about the latest advancements in pain treatment research.
The event will feature presentations from dynamic IMB researchers and include a complimentary afternoon tea and lab tour.
Dr Hana Starobova will share how life-saving cancer therapies negatively impact paediatric cancer survivors’ lives and how she is working towards developing effective strategies to prevent the long-term impacts of cancer therapy in children.
Dr Sam Robinson will share how his research can gain from pain. Most venomous animal will use their venoms defensively, and most stings or bites cause pain—but not all stings are equal, for example the sting from a bee feels different to that of the sting of a scorpion. What these observations tell us is that venoms represent a chemically diverse source of pain-causing toxins. Sam will tell us how understanding the chemistry behind stings can teach us how pain works and might ultimately lead to new classes of painkillers.
Dr Fernanda Caldas Cardoso will explain how her research in drug discovery has shown spider venoms are rich in components with powerful analgesic properties for the treatment of chronic pain. These new analgesics are a novel type of drug with the potential to provide better safety and pain relief, and a promising alternative to opioids.

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