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Our lives turn on the decisions that we make – from parenting to the professional world, we’re constantly faced with choices that impact our future and those of the people we care about.
This UQ Talks panel will explore the science and philosophy of decision making, equipping you with insights that you can utilise to make better choices.
Event details:
Date: Tuesday 25 July 2023
Time: 6–7pm AEST
Cost: Free, studio-broadcast webinar
Professor Jason Mattingley - Queensland Brain Institute Group Leader, and UQ Laureate Fellow.
Professor Mattingley works in the cognitive neuroscience lab which researches the roles played by selective attention, prediction and decision making in regulating perceptual, cognitive and motor functions in the human brain.
Professor Lionel Page - Professor of Economics at the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law.
Professor Page conducts research linking insights from economic theory and from other behavioural sciences such as psychology. His research into individual decision-making considers gender biases, halo effects and hesitation.
Professor Deborah Brown - Bachelor of Arts '86 Professor of Philosophy at the School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry at UQ's Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences.
Professor Brown's research interests span from early modern philosophy to the philosophy of mind and metaphysics.
Tegan Taylor - Bachelor of Business Management '05, Bachelor of Journalism '05, Graduate Certificate in Arts '08, Master of Arts '11
ABC Science Unit; Co-host of the ABC's Walkley Award-winning Coronacast podcast.

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