Australia is one of the most biologically megadiverse countries in the world. We share this beautiful place with well over a half million species – nearly 10% of all those known to humans. Nature – stunning coral reefs, towering trees, koalas and sea turtles – it’s all at risk of collapse. If we let it.
But there is hope. Join a panel of world-leading experts from UQ's Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Science - including Queensland’s former Chief Scientist Hugh Possingham - for an inspiring discussion on why ‘business as usual’ is no longer acceptable and what must be done to halt the decline of Australia’s biodiversity.
The ABC's Tegan Taylor will moderate the panel of experts featuring Dr. Laura Sonter, a leader in ecologically responsible mining; Professor Hugh Possingham, former Chief Scientist of Queensland and conservation champion; Associate Professor Justine Bell-James, a legal expert in coastal and marine ecosystems; and Eddie Game, Director of Conservation at The Nature Conservancy.

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