You are invited to the 2023 Phil Walker Memorial ethics lecture with keynote speaker, Professor Jose Miola.
The lecture is a special tribute to the life of Professor Walker, and a wonderful opportunity to bring together members of the medical, university and general community.
Who's afraid of dynamic consent?
Dynamic consent is a progressive and participant-centric approach to the use of personal data and samples in biomedical research. It empowers individuals by giving them greater control over how their information is accessed, shared and used by researchers.
With ever-evolving data protection frameworks and emerging legislation, it’s crucial to adapt the changing landscape of research ethics.
Join Professor Jose Miola, a professor of medical law from University of Leicester, who will shed light on dynamic consent, including a review of the outcomes of focus groups conducted and the invaluable insights gained from participant’s perspectives around using their data and samples. He will also explore some thought-provoking misgivings surrounding dynamic consent.
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