Second language education is undergoing a massive global transformation, driven by globalisation, mobility, and technologisation.
The transformation has also been prompted by increasing calls to produce graduates with usable communicative skills in 'hyperdiverse' multilingual and multicultural societies. The recent global pandemic has further complexified the landscape, creating an urgent need for effective virtual communication.
This project aims to address this transformation by identifying opportunities, resources and people for research collaboration in Applied Linguistics/TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language) and Foreign Language Programs at UQ and the University of Foreign Languages, Huế University (HUFL) and Hanoi University in Vietnam – an emerging priority country in UQ's GSP.
This initiative is funded by UQ's Global Strategy and Partnerships Seed Funding Scheme in 2021-2023.
Since 2021, we have had several hybrid seminars, with four collaborative projects set up by researchers within those three universities.
Contact Sakina Indrasumunar for more information.

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