To mark the 2024 UQ Alumni Book Fair (3–6 May), we’re celebrating with the favourite foods of iconic writers, Ernest Hemingway and Emily Dickinson.

For the main, indulge in the hearty and flavourful Hemingway Prawn Risotto, an homage to a dish he enjoyed during his stay at the renowned Hotel Gritti Palace in Venice. Inspired by archival documents and interviews, this dish captures the essence of Hemingway’s recovery journey, when he found solace in the local Italian cuisine after surviving a plane crash.

Raise a glass to literary excellence with the Ernest Negroni – a cocktail beloved by Hemingway himself. With a twist of citrus and a hint of bitterness, it’s sure to ignite your inner writer.

And for a sweet treat, you can’t go wrong with a slice of Emily’s Coconut Cake, inspired by a recipe written by Emily Dickinson herself. As delicate and elegant as Dickinson’s poetry, this heavenly dessert will transport you to a world of beauty and wonder, where the act of baking intertwines with the creation of poetry.

Available for lunch Monday 29 April and Tuesday 30 April.
Available for lunch and dinner from Wednesday 1 — Friday 3 May

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