Cost: $10
Room E302 Forgan Smith Building, St Lucia Campus
Join UQ’s Friends of Antiquity at the July Sunday Series talk, titled ‘The reception of Pompey’s head (literally)’.
When Julius Caesar landed on the shores of Egypt in 48 BCE, he was presented with a gory gift: the severed head of his ally-turned-enemy Pompey.
The moment became one of the defining images of the civil war, but with shifting meaning; did Caesar receive the head with grief, with anger, or with crocodile tears?
Join Dr Kit Morrell, Susan Blake Lecturer, School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry, who will explore these receptions and their significance, from our earliest ancient sources to baroque opera and modern television.
The talk will be followed by afternoon tea.
Meet the presenter: Dr Kit Morrell
Dr Kit Morrell joined The University of Queensland in July 2020 as Susan Blake Lecturer in Classics and Ancient History. She also holds an Australian Research Council Discovery Early Career Researcher Award. Her DECRA project, ‘Reforming the Roman Republic’, examines the idea and practice of reform in the late Roman republic, with a special interest in attempts at systemic reform, long-term reform programmes or policies, and non-legislative means of pursuing change.

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