The Frontier Forum is a new space for meaningful, research-backed conversations about the major developments shaping our world. 
Presented by the UQ Global Change Institute and moderated by Tegan Taylor, these online events bring together leading researchers and experts from across the community who are at the coalface of major global challenges. Join us as we debate the issues, confront broken systems, and get into some blue-sky thinking around where we go from here.
Catch up on our first event, 'killer superbugs - a problem much bigger than human health' below:


Frontier Forum: killer superbugs – a problem much bigger than human health (online)

18 November 2021 6:00pm7:00pm
Join our panel of experts online as they discuss the superbug threat and how it must be addressed locally and globally.

About the series moderator
Tegan Taylor (UQ alumnus BBusMan, BJ, GCArts, MA) is a health and science reporter for the ABC and co-host of the ABC’s multi-award-winning Coronacast. She also co-hosts ABC Radio National’s Health Report and hosts the live event series and radio/podcast Ockham’s Razor. She’s been known to pop up on RN Life Matters, Triple J and in the Best of Australian Science Writing. In 2020, Coronacast won a Walkley award and the Eureka Prize for Science Journalism. Tegan was previously a producer on the ABC's national digital newsdesk, a journalism lecturer at The University of Queensland and, long ago, a newspaper reporter.