Molly Thomas, BA/LLB (Hons I) ‘18
The Hague/Amsterdam, the Netherlands

I'm currently working as a Defence Legal Consultant at the International Criminal Court in The Hague, the international city of peace and justice. I'm passionate about human rights, fair trials and building a better world. I'd love to connect with UQ alumni around the Netherlands and Europe to help learn more about what our community are achieving here. Connect with Molly on LinkedIn


Arthur Liu (Kuan-Hung Liu), MBus ‘18
Taipei, Taiwan

I am a financial professional with experience in M&A transactions, auditing, and banking. Apart from the financial experience, I am also a Career Coordinator specializing in recruiting accounting and finance positions. I am a Director-at-large at the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) Taipei Chapter, where I am responsible for organising the chapter events and coordinating Chapter management with the IMA Singapore office. Connect with Arthur on LinkedIn


Erice Wu, BPsySc ‘10
Guangzhou, China

I've been working in the area of PE/VC investment for 7 years before starting my own company in 2018. I’ve been reconnecting with UQ alumni through the Global Connections program since 2015. Global Connections is a very good opportunity for us to find local connections and reunite. It means a lot for overseas UQers and helps us bond with each other. Connect with Eric on LinkedIn


Hazel Zheng Wang, MBus ‘11
Shanghai, China

I have worked in the automotive industry for more than 10 years with demonstrated experience of brand digital marketing and consumer market research. I am very happy to be a Global Connections coordinator and I hope I can  help many UQ alumni to connect with each other, make more friends and generate more business opportunities! Connect with Hazel on LinkedIn


Tim Tout, BA ’90, MBA ‘98
Tokyo, Japan

As Co-founder, Managing Director and Executive Coach of HummingByrd Inc., I am focused on maximising the potential of people and organisations to make a positive impact on the world around us. I have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and my career covers leadership positions in the agricultural, fashion retail, tertiary education and training & development sectors.  I am currently Co-Vice Chair of the Technology, Innovation, Education & Research Committee for the Australia & New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Japan. Connect with Tim on LinkedIn

Vanessa Gu, MCom ‘07
Shanghai, China

At Global Connections in Shanghai, we aim to reunite UQ returnees, build up networks and enhance professions. As a founding Global Connection Coordinator, I have made quite a few friends and always recalled the good time in UQ. Connect with Vanessa on WeChat: vanessagujj


Paul Kelly, BCom(Hons) ‘09, BBusMan ‘08
London, England

Hi! I’m a professional strategy consultant and chartered accountant, currently leading the Next Generation strategy at HSBC Private Bank in London.  I began working at PwC in Australia and in the 12 years since graduating, my career has taken me from Brisbane to Cambridge and presently to London. I’ve now been in the UK for over 7 years.  It’s great to connect with UQ Alumni in London via Global Connections.  A chance to network and meet new friends over a drink or two in one of the world’s great cities! Connect with Paul on LinkedIn


Sophie Morgan-Short, BComms, BA ‘15
London, England

Hi, I'm Sophie! I work in digital advertising for a global agency and I'm currently based in London. I moved here shortly after graduation and have spent most of my career here in the UK. Global Connections is a fantastic way to meet like-minded people in different industries and roles, and make new connections - both professionally and personally. It's always nice to connect with other Aussies living in London. Looking forward to meeting some of you soon at our next event - come and say hi! Connect with Sophie on LinkedIn

Mary Robinson, MBus ‘15
Santiago, Chile

I’ve been a Business Developer for Land & Water area at CSIRO Chile since 2019. I studied Engineering at University of Chile, and since graduating have worked in the direction and management of a diverse number of projects. In 2015, I completed the Master of Business in the field of Sustainability at UQ BEL. Since 2016, I have co-coordinated the Global Connections that take place in Santiago de Chile. I am enthusiastic about collaborating in activities led by UQ that allow Chilean alumni to continue in contact with the University, as well as maintaining a community that can be a support network for new alumni! Connect with Mary on LinkedIn

Ines Valenzuela MTHEM ‘13
Lima, Peru

I have worked in tourism for 9 years now, both in the public and private sectors. My background in communications and my passion for travel have led me to my current role at a leading DMC, where I develop and promote unique travel experiences in South America for travellers from all around the world. For me, Global Connections are a special space for us to broaden and strengthen our personal and professional networks and learn and be inspired by other alumni projects and stories. Connect with Ines on LinkedIn


Jiaying (Joyce) Wu MTHEM ‘17
Beijing, China

I am a hospitality marketing strategy and campaign professional leading the communication between outlets and guests. I enjoy supporting restaurants and bars to organize memorable events for media, influencers and other guests! I didn't realize how wonderful the Global connection event could get until the very first time I was physically surrounded by the people, young and thoughtful undergrads, warm and welcoming organizers and of course, alumni like I am. This year, I've started volunteering as a GC coordinator. The sense of community and inclusion means a lot to us UQers abroad, and I am sincerely looking forward to organise more gatherings in my area. Connect with Joyce on LinkedIn

Rodrigo Zarate, MBA '13
Santiago, Chile

I am a Presales Manager at Cognitiva Chile, a tech consultancy firm that specialises in solutions using Artificial Intelligence capabilities to solve complex business problems. I am also a passionate UQ BEL alumnus, and have been organising Global Connection events in Chile for several years. My advice to new graduates is, “Always keep moving, have a purpose and make connections" and my favourite professor during my UQ studies was Associate Professor Frank Alpert. Connect with Rodrigo on LinkedIn