Professor Dato' Dr Rahmah Mohamed

Professor Rahmah Mohamed is Vice-Chancellor at INTI International University in Malaysia, a member of the Laureate International Universities network.

During her time in the role, she has focused on building a community where student engagement, team spirit, diversity and public inclusion is paramount. Her goal is to encourage change in areas that promote collaboration, whilst focusing on productivity and sustainability.

As an academic, Mohamed’s research achievements in the field of bacterial pathogenesis and microbial genomics have led to national and international accolades including the Third World Academy of Sciences Young Scientist Award, the National Young Scientist Award and the British Council PMI 2 Award.

Mohamed was one of the pioneers of the Melioidosis research group at the National University of Malaysia. Her contributions to the advancement of biological science was recently acknowledged with her election as a Fellow of the Academy of Sciences Malaysia. Her extensive work in this field manifests itself in many avenues; from patents and commercialisation of research, to successful partnerships with structural biologists all over the world.

She also promotes biotechnology to high school students. Over 1,700 schools and 74,000 students have taken part in a national program spearheaded by Mohamed and the successful initiative has seen a visible increase in the number of applications for bioscience degree programs in local universities.


International Alumnus of the Year


PhD in Biochemistry