Dr Ivor Cribb AM



Mr Chancellor, 

The University of Queensland has been fortunate, throughout its history, to enjoy the selfless devotion and service of a number of its graduates who have returned to the institution and freely given of their time and energies to perform those many duties without which the University could barely survive. Foremost among these people is Ivor Bridson Cribb, President of The University of Queensland Students' Union in 1946, who returned as Foundation Warden of lnternational House in 1965 after his years as a school master at The Southport School and Brisbane Boys' College. 

During the period 1965-86 he worked tirelessly as Warden of International House on behalf of overseas students at The University of Queensland, assuming and solving their multitude of problems and acting as surrogate father to many hundreds of young people away from home. It is in large measure a consequence of his role that The University of Queensland enjoys today the affection and loyalty of many influential people overseas, particularly in South East Asia, and is able to establish a formal support network of its graduates in this part of the world. 

Ivor Cribb' s involvement in the activities and affairs of the University over many years is illustrated by his Foundation Membership of The University of Queensland Alumni Association, Life Membership of The University of Queensland Students' Union and his role as Councillor of Union College. He is Vice-Patron of the Sports and Physical Recreation Association and Life Member and Patron of the Rugby Club and an Honorary Member of the University Regiment. 

In 1972 he became a member of the University Senate and has been Deputy Chancellor since 1985. In this role he has given wise and self-effacing leadership to the University, sat on innumerable committees, and brought informality, humour and warmth to many degree ceremonies with a friendly word to every graduate who has passed before him. The University community delights to observe him no,w as the recipient rather than the donor of one of its highest awards. 

Mr Chancellor, for his significant contributions to The University of Queensland, I present to you Mr Ivor Bridson Cribb, Member of the Order of Australia, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education of this University, Fellow of the Australian College of Education, for the conferral of the award of Doctor of Philosophy honoris causa, to which he has been admitted by the Senate of the University. 


Doctor of Philosophy honoris causa