UQ Sport are providing free online exercise sessions during COVID-19. They have produced the follow information and welcome UQ alumni to join in. 

At UQ Sport, we continue to be inspired by our UQ community. We have loved seeing your work-ins, and how you’re staying healthy and strong, getting creative, and making adjustments to continue to crush your health and fitness goals from home.

Now more than ever, it’s important to prioritise your health – both physical fitness and mental clarity – and to stay connected to those around you.

We are dedicated to helping you be the best version of you every day, so to do our part in keeping our UQ community strong, we’re inviting you to join us to #StayActiveUQ.

Each week we will be bringing you workouts, recipes, fitness tips, mindfulness activities, and anything else you need to stay sane at home on Facebook and Instagram. But we want to hear from you too!

Use #StayActiveUQ to share how you Stay Active and Keep Connected at home. It could be sharing a workout video from your backyard gym, a selfie enjoying your favourite smoothie, or a screenshot of your online house party. We want to see how you’re staying active!

Stay Active Physically
Stay Active Mentally
Stay Active Socially (virtually, of course!)

We’re stronger together. Let’s do this!

Join @uqsport on Facebook for free live stream workouts weekdays for the UQ community and beyond. Let’s stay healthy, fit and connected during #isolation, even when we’re apart! What class will you try first?

#StayHome #StayActiveUQ

Lets get started! 

As always, add a quick warm up before you start of high knees, star jumps and a run on the spot for 30 seconds each. Don't forget to clear a reasonable area for your workout - we don't want any table edges or ceiling fans to get in the way of a safe sweat!⁠⠀ ⁠⠀

Post-workout, rehydrate with room temperature water and cool down with a nice long stretch! ⁠⠀

Les Mills HIIT 30 with Holly!

45 min Strength Bootcamp WITH HOLLY 

Pilates Core & Stretch class (Glutes edition) with Marina

Low Intensity Strength and Balance with Exercise Physiologist, Mark​

For more workouts, recipes, fitness tips, mindfulness activities, and anything else you need to stay sane at home visit UQ Sport Facebook and Instagram

UQ Sport also have specialist videos for the whole family to keep active and health. 

Kids yoga at home 

Are your little rascals having trouble winding down in the evenings? Our Kids Program Coordinator Marina takes you through an easy Kids Yoga Flow to calm racing minds before bed! Do you find breathing and stretching helps your kids sleep better at night?

At home swimmer's workout 

If there's one thing we've realised this week, it's that it's pretty difficult to do laps in the living room. Our mate Reilly has put together a short, water-less circuit you can do at home to make sure you don't lose strokes while we've hit pause on the Aquatic Centre.

Equipment-free and utilising your bodyweight, strengthen from the inside out with these key moves. ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀

Stay health and active with UQ Sports at home on Facebook and Instagram