Young Achievers Engagement Campaign

The calling crew can’t wait to speak with you about your Young Achievers experience.

Why do I receive a call from UQ?

The Young Achievers Engagement Campaign is about keeping in touch with past program participants. Speaking with our student callers is the best way to stay engaged with the UQ community.

Why are we calling?

  • To hear your favourite stories and experiences from your time in the Young Achievers Program 
  • To listen to any suggestions and feedback you might have
  • Let us know where your career has taken you!
  • To give you an opportunity to chat with peers about your interests and hobbies
  • To share upcoming online events, volunteering and mentoring opportunities
  • Ensure we have the most up-to-date contact information so you don’t miss out on news, publications and invitations

When are you calling?

The Young Achievers Engagement Campaign will begin November 2nd. You can expect a call from 11am to 6pm.

What number are you calling from?

Calls will be made from UQ St Lucia campus from these phone numbers:

  • 07 3737 2201
  • 07 3737 2202 
  • 07 3737 2203
  • 07 3737 2204
  • 07 3737 2205

What if I don’t want to be called?

If you prefer not to receive a call this time, please email us at 

Are my personal details safeguarded? 

UQ students taking part in the UQ Young Achievers Engagement Campaign are employed on behalf of the University. There are strict policies in place to ensure your personal details are safeguarded and remain confidential at all times. 

If you have any questions you can learn more about privacy at UQ by visiting here.

Who will be calling?

Kevin, 3rd Year Law student



Holly, 2nd Year Education student



Lydia, Post Grad Public Health student



Bertha, 3rd Year International Relations student



Tegan, 3rd Year Education student



Emily, 2nd Year Public Health student



Zoe, Post Grad Public Health student



Nivethika, Class of 2020 Graduate



Maisy, 2nd Year Social Work student



Isla, 2nd Year Tourism student



Cassia, Class of 2019 Graduate



Albert, Post Grad Marketing student



Monisha, Post Grad Economics student



Jennifer, 2nd Year Law student



Meghna, Post Grad Architecture student



Nicholas, 3rd Year History student



Imanda, Class of 2020 Graduate




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