Alumni Friends and Friends of Antiquity membership

Join a community that supports and celebrates education at UQ.

Completing a UQ degree is not a prerequisite of membership and new members are always welcome.

Membership details

Alumni Friends and Friends of Antiquity memberships are based on an annual donation to their associated fund.

Alumni Friends membership: please donate to the Alumni Friends Fund which supports UQ students, researchers and facilities.

Friends of Antiquity membership: please donate to the Classics and Antiquities Fund which supports activities within the School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry and the RD Milns Antiquities Museum.

If you're joining, the minimum donation amount for membership is $50. If you're renewing an existing membership, the minimum donation price is $20. 

Make your donation to join or renew

Benefits of membership

While the greatest benefit of Alumni Friends membership may be the people you meet, joining will also ensure you're part of creating a lasting legacy at The University of Queensland and supporting a stronger society through education. Here are a few additional benefits available to members.

Get involved

Once you've made your donation, begin enjoying your membership by:
    1. Registering to attend a discounted event
    2. Connecting with the Alumni Friends Leadership Board
    3. Volunteering for the Book Group at UQ's Long Pocket campus

For more information, please contact the Alumni and Community Engagement team at