UQ Mythbusters: the sobering facts about alcohol

  • Cases of the SARS-CoV-2 variant Omicron have escalated globally over the past two months, with many countries experiencing peaks higher than previous variants. Now we’re seeing cases of a sub-variant of Omicron, known as BA.2, emerge.
  • Children aged five to 12 are now eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccination. So, how can we help our children manage their anxiety about needles?
  • Twenty fours years since the release of the ever-timely book Sister Girl, its author, Dr Jackie Huggins AM FAHA, and editor, Associate Professor Sandra Phillips, reflect on identity and reconciliation ahead of the book’s relaunch this month.
  • From world news and expert opinion to feel-good community stories and alumni success, there’s plenty to gain from reading Contact’s 10 most-read stories of 2021.
  • After saving millions lives around the world from cervical cancer, the UQ inventors of the HPV vaccine are investing in the next generation of researchers to fuel future discoveries.
  • Read more books, spend less money. Exercise more often, order Uber Eats less regularly. Decrease screen time, increase family time. Whatever your New Year’s resolution is, you’re less than 8 percent likely to stick to it...
  • In this instalment of 'UQ by design', we look at some of the interesting pieces that are 'here today, gone tomorrow' – literally popping out of nowhere.
  • Each year, UQ recognises exceptional individuals in our community through Honorary Awards, including Honorary Doctorates and UQ Fellowships.
  • Occupy your curious child’s mind this summer with these easy science experiments from UQ research institutes.


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