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Golden opportunity for Brisbane

Kicking down barriers to inclusion

  • Meet the UQ graduate behind the first COVID-19 home diagnostic tool.
  • It’s taken the best part of a decade but UQ medical graduate Dr Sherice Ansell is about to achieve her goal of working at Alice Springs Hospital, which serves her Arrernte and Anmatyerre homelands.
  • Amidst the re-assessments taking place as a result of COVID-19, there is an invaluable opportunity for businesses to rethink the purpose and nature of innovation.
  • While the UQ COVID-19 vaccine won’t to be rolled out to fight this global pandemic, the University’s researchers have made remarkable progress, and they are confident their powerful vaccine platform will be ready for when the world faces another health crisis. 
  • Australia’s renewable energy research capacity has been boosted with the completion of the UQ Warwick Solar Farm in 2020. UQ students are also gaining valuable experience that will help Queensland reach its renewable energy targets by 2030.
  • Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Deborah Terry AO reflects on 2020, the response of the UQ community to COVID-19, and the role of universities in pandemic recovery.
  • The economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over, with the impacts expected to last well into 2021 and beyond. Professor Shaun Bond, UQ’s Frank Finn Professor of Finance, considers some specific steps.
  • Karina Cady (Bachelor of Environmental Management, '05) is going about investment in a different way.
  • How two friends banded together to launch a free screen reader and open up technology to the vision-impaired community.


  • 2020 was a difficult year for many students, and Victorian Ng was no exception. But when she was considering reducing her study load to find work to support herself and her family, she received the much-needed news she had been awarded a Frank Finn Scholarship to support her in her finance studies.
  • When Ross Maclean pledged to support motor neurone disease at UQ’s Queensland Brain Institute, he knew he likely wouldn’t see the day a cure was discovered. Now, almost sixteen years after he passed away, the team is closer than ever.
  • UQ has recognised the contribution of renowned feminist activist Merle Thornton AM with an Honorary Doctor of Letters.
  • In the lead-up to Women's Entrepreneurship Day, UQ Ventures' Ruby Wallace spoke with three UQ female founders to discuss their successes and share their advice on how to break into the entrepreneurship space.
  • In most parts of the world, lions ­are revered for their strength and majestic beauty. But in Africa, where they roam free, the so-called 'king of the jungle' is regarded more as a nuisance than a national treasure.
  • Fred Bradford has spent his career on the secret frontline of US national security operations.
  • UQ graduate and award-winning journalist and author Madonna King shares key insights from her discussions with 2020 Alumni Award recipients.
  • UQ graduate and award-winning journalist and author Madonna King shares key insights from her discussions with 2020 Alumni Award recipients.
  • UQ graduate Professor Megan Davis (Bachelor of Arts ’97; Bachelor of Laws ‘99) has dedicated her career to achieving constitutional reform for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.


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