Dr Frank Moloney will provide an in-depth discussion into the history of genocide in Australia and beyond, and the impact of the UN Genocide Convention, which was adopted in 1948.

Dr Moloney will discuss whether the implementation of the Genocide Convention was successful in preventing the repetition of some of humanity's darkest eras – from the first modern-era genocide in Namibia to the Coniston massacres in the Northern Territory in 1928.

This presentation will cover some sensitive issues and may be confronting to some. Acknowledgement and reflection of these times continues to play an important role in the prevention of future catastrophes.

Dr Frank Moloney is in his 20th year as a student at UQ. He began by completing a Bachelor of Dentistry Science in 1966, and is currently completing his final year in a Bachelor of Arts (History). During his career as an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Dr Moloney has provided student counsel to the UQ Medical School.

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