At this month's BrisScience, Professor Jennifer Graves delves into the declining human Y chromosome and the future of humanity.

The Y chromosome, that little chain of genes that determines the sex of humans, is not as tough as you might think.

In fact, if we look at the Y chromosome over the course of our evolution we’ve seen it shrink at an alarming rate.

So will it one day completely disappear? And what happens to the human race if it does? Will new sex-determining genes and chromosomes evolve, leading to the evolution of new hominid species?

Join us at this month’s BrisScience, where famed La Trobe University Distinguished Professor and Vice Chancellor’s Fellow, Professor Jennifer Graves, will deliver this year's Douglas Ormonde Butler Lectureship, exploring the future of humanity through our ever-changing genes.

State Library of Queensland, Auditorium 1
South Bank, QLD 4101

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